The Educator'sGuide to the Clarinet
by Tom Ridenour

Second Edition

The Educator's Guide to the Clarinet is the Clarinet's first complete pedagogy in its' 250 year history.
Whether you want to teach the clarinet better or learn the clarinet, the Educator's Guide has the
information you need to save you time and effort and the frustration of trial and error.
The Educator's Guide to the Clarinet has received high praise from some of
the world's finest clarinetists. Here's what only a few of them have to say:

Tom Ridenour's Educator's Guide is a clarinet pedagogy for all ages. It contains a wealth of information and handy tips on all aspects of playing and teaching the clarinet. There are tremendous nuggets of information for performers and teachers at all levels. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves the clarinet and wants to get better.
Prof. Howard Klug, Prof. of Clarinet, Indiana University School of Music

Finally, a comprehensive book that addresses every aspect of clarinet pedagogy, written by a master teacher, technician, acoustician, mouthpiece craftsman, and most importantly, accomplished musician.
Ricardo Morales, Principal Clarinet, Philadelphia Orchestra

I am writing you to congratulate you on your fantastic book, The Educator’s Guide to the Clarinet. It has enriched my teaching greatly, especially the parts about double lip playing. I alternatively use double lip since two years now… I think it has given my playing more resonance. I also think that double lip has a big pedagogic value, keeping students from using too much pressure with the lower lip.  I give my students topics from your books, and it is a good feeling to know, that there are people so far away who not only play and teach, but also think about clarinet a lot.
Reinhard Wieser, Principal Clarinet, Vienna Symphony Orchestra

Using Tom's teaching methods and equipment concepts have made an amazing difference in our student's performance...they simply produce better, more beautiful sounds, more easily than ever before. After years of searching, questioning and doubting I finally believe that I am offering my students the very best information.
Debra Haburay, Director of Bands, Forestwood Middle School, Flower Mound, TX

After 30 years of teaching I can now recommend this recent publication by one of America's most highly respected clarinet acousticians/designers and educators. If you buy one book on how to play the clarinet, make it The Educator's Guide to the Clarinet.
Dr. John Scott, Prof. of Clarinet, University of North Texas, as reviewed in The Clarinet Magazine

I have to admit books about the clarinet can be terribly uninspiring. Tom's book is the exception. I found so much clear, logical thought and practical advise had gone into this book I could hardly put it down. For the first time in 40 years I found myself enthusiastic over printed material about the clarinet. I only regret this text was not available when I was a student; it would have saved me so much time.
Leslie Craven, Principal Clarinetist, Orchestra of Wales National Opera, as reviewed in CASS Magazine.

Second Edition Contents Include:
*Introduction, including "Why this book was written" and the essay,
"The Importance of Gaining an Overview of the Clarinet".

Part I Chapters Include:
Part II Chapters Include:
How to Teach the Clarinet Tone Concept
How to Teach Breathing and Blowing
The Tongue; Voicing the Clarinet Tone
How to Teach Clarinet Embouchure
How to Teach Finger Technique
How to Teach Articulation
How to Test and Select Clarinets
All about Clarinet Mouthpieces
All about Clarinet Reeds
Accessories for the Clarinet
Repair and Maintenance
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